What are safety and Security policies ?

SmartLivein houses are located in various reputed societies and safe locations across the Cities we are present.

In order to maintain a peaceful environment of the society, nuisance, or misconduct of any kind including but not limited to playing loud music beyond the permitted time limit, drinking/smoking in society corridors/ premises, and consumption of illegal and banned substances are not allowed in SmartLivein houses.

In the event, tenant breaks any rules as stipulated herein or as contained in the leave and license agreement, SmartLivein on behalf of the owner, reserves the right to, issue appropriate notice including but not limited to Eviction notice to the tenant including no refund of security deposit or more at its sole discretion.

Who is Responsible incase of Theft & Damage ?

Personal Belongings

  • The tenant shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the Scheduled Premise and neither the owner, SmartLivein nor its vendors shall not be held liable/ responsible for the same.
  • For general maintenance and/or showing the scheduled premises to any prospective tenants, SmartLivein or house owner shall keep an extra key of the scheduled premises. It is hereby advised to all the tenants to keep their valuables locked inside the cupboards and not to leave them unattended.

Home Furnishing

  • In the case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the house, the tenants staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible.
  • Amounts shall be deducted from the security deposit of tenants towards compensation of the loss/ theft and damage. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.
  • For general maintenance & showing houses to other tenants, SmartLivein employees or its affiliate agents may keep a copy of the keys of your house. We advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places.
  • SmartLivein or Owners shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.

Can I decorate the apartment?

Yes, you can decorate your space tastefully without damaging the property if your owner has no issues. Please avoid structural changes without prior permission from the owner , society.

When will I get the Home Keys?

One set of keys shall be provided, at the time of move-in,

and the same should be handed over back to smartLivein at the time of Move out.

Do I need to submit any Documents?

Yes, you need to submit the following documents within 48 hours of booking for verification and necessary approvals from the owner and Society.

  • Photo ID Proof (Voter-id Card, Passport, Driving License)
  • Employment Proof
  • 2 Passport sized photographs
  • 2 local references contact (Name, Contact number, Address, email-id)
  • Self-Employment Proof (if self-employed)
  • Permanent Address proof & Witness for rent agreement
  • Depending on social norms, we might ask you to submit some other documents as well. We will facilitate the process.

Under what scenarios can move-in get delayed?

In some cases, move-in may get delayed due to society terms & conditions or delays in the processing of legal documents. Please check with our representative to fix a convenient move-in date. Once your move-in is confirmed, our move-in team will help you with hassle-free shifting.